Choosing the perfect ring for your engagement and wedding day

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Choosing the perfect ring for your Engagement and Wedding Day is a daunting thought. There are so many things to get right. From the budget to the style and sizing. It’s a maze! Choosing the perfect engagement and wedding ring - blue-sapphire-engagement-ring-diamondpro

Over on #irishweddingchat we cover lots of topics and choosing the perfect ring. I think is one of the more important decision you has a couple will make. Afterall you will be wearing your rings…like forever! 

Every week we cover a different topic over on #irishweddingchat and next week our topic is Table Decor.

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The official guide to being a great groom

This is for those wonderful guys out there who want to be a great groom. This share give some handy tips that will help with the wedding day prep.

There’s tons of advice for Brides. Giving her lots of tips and guidance. And, stuff they should be aware of while planning her wedding day. But, not so much advice for him. 

I know that most Groom’s out there would love to help their beautiful bride-to-be. Afterall, there is so much that goes into planning the perfect wedding day.

Here’s some simple tips to get involved (via

Source: The official guide to being a great groom

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