About Me

Calligrapher, Jagdeep SahansI am the third generation practising this beautiful and technical art form of Calligraphy. Falling in love with Calligraphy was easy. I would often sit for hours as a young child beside my Dad. Watching him as he inscribed envelopes and invitations. Gracefully moving his hand across the paper producing the most wonderful flourished letters, with a simple stroke of the pen. As I do now.

It was after much persuasion, that I turned my hand to working professionally in 1992. And, I’ve had the pleasure of producing artworks for many different clients over the years from Corporate Awards to Love Letters.

I work from my studio in County Wexford, Ireland. A few minutes drive from the picturesque St.Mullins and some of Ireland’s most gorgeous beaches. Inspiration is all around me.

To read more customer reviews and view my gifts and artwork gallery head over to soul-scribe.com

I’m always happy to chat about an idea you may have. Feel free to phone 087 9887017 or send me an enquiry. I normally reply within 2 days.