Wedding Invitation Tips

Hello Snowflake Designs shares 10 Top Wedding Invitation Tips.

The very first glimpse your guests will have of your Wedding Day is your envelope. So, it’s pretty important to get your stationery right. Afterall, your choice of invitation will help set the tone of your day. 

Ciara from Hello Snowflake Designs is a wonderfully talented Irish boutique stationery designer who specialises in Weddings. She shares with you her top 10 Tips covering topics like choosing the right invitations and envelopes for your big day to calligraphy. 

Emily Wedding Stationery Pack
Emily Wedding Stationery Pack

Because, Calligraphy is so often overlooked. And, all too often couples are left wishing they had budgeted for a calligrapher to inscribe their wedding stationery. I was delighted to read that Hello Snowflake Designs mentioned Wedding Calligraphy. Asking a Calligrapher to inscribe your envelopes will has Ciara says

turn a standard envelope into a thing of beauty.” 

And, guess who one of her favourite calligrapher’s is? You guessed it, me! A fantastic endorsement Ciara. Thank you!

I’m always happy to chat with you about your wedding stationery calligraphy. Send me an email or call me on 087 9887017

Feel free to look through my gallery to see some wedding calligraphy examples. 


Choosing the perfect ring for your engagement and wedding day

Choosing the perfect ring - irish wedding chat - topic

Choosing the perfect ring for your Engagement and Wedding Day is a daunting thought. There are so many things to get right. From the budget to the style and sizing. It’s a maze! Choosing the perfect engagement and wedding ring - blue-sapphire-engagement-ring-diamondpro

Over on #irishweddingchat we cover lots of topics and choosing the perfect ring. I think is one of the more important decision you has a couple will make. Afterall you will be wearing your rings…like forever! 

Every week we cover a different topic over on #irishweddingchat and next week our topic is Table Decor.

On Monday’s we have a Twitter chat from 10pm until 11pm. Where you can chat with some of Ireland’s Top Wedding Services, Suppliers and Venues. While the showcase their gorgeous gifts, venues, bridal and groomswear and so much more. To join the conversation use the hashtag #irishweddingchat. You can also find us on Instagram

Including Your Dog in the Wedding

What better way to celebrate your wedding day than with your best friend? Your dog, that is. To inspire you with fun ways to include your pup in the wedding, Personal Creations put together gorgeous mood boards with over 20 ideas for incorporating your pooch in the wedding fun.


From morning preparation to walking down the aisle, there are plenty of roles your pup can fill when it comes to the wedding! They’ll steal the show with their fluffy cuteness and fill you up with joy while they do!

Capturing the Moment with your Dog
Colour Coordinating with your Dog
Getting ready for the big day with your Dog
Walking down the Aisle

Getting engaged is just the beginning of the countless memorable moments

Getting engaged is just the beginning of the countless memorable moments you’re sure to share with your spouse –– why not capture it with some fun engagement photos? In my opinion, you’re engagement photos should be just as personal as your wedding.

You should use this opportunity to not only let your guests know you’re tying the knot, but to give them a first glimpse of what’s to come. Whether you subtly incorporate your wedding theme or reflect your personality as a couple, these photos should be uniquely yours. With fun and creative photos in mind, I thought I’d share these adorable engagement photo props from Shutterfly. They include creative photo props for every couple. Whether you bonded over your love of comics, have kids, or would like to invite your pets to your photo shoot, you’re sure to find a prop that will capture a cute or funny shot depending on your style!

So Very Sarah


I’m soo looking forward to collaborating with SVS Event Concierge

Delighted to be able to offer my bespoke Calligraphy service as part of SVS Event Concierge. Below I’ve shared SVS’s blog – I do hope you enjoy the read. I certainly did.

SVS Event Concierge are passionate about creating beautiful experiences and moments to remember for their clients. Bringing you unique additions to your events and special occasions. They pride themselves on giving you a warm, friendly, personal and above all reliable service. working alongside the best selection of suppliers and brands to help you to create something truly special. They also like to work with local brands, products and suppliers unique to the destinations the service to give you those little extra touches and locally inspired bespoke elements to your requirements.

Royal Love Stories and Weddings from around the World via invaluable

With Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, everyone is talking about royal weddings. This love for the royal family is nothing new though. For decades, if not centuries, the public has admired what royal weddings embody around the world, especially when it involves an unlikely couple getting together for their fairytale ending.

In fact, Meghan and Prince Harry’s relationship isn’t the only one people have followed for it’s unlikely match. This visual from Invaluable charts royal love stories from around the world. No matter their background or social standing, it goes to show just how powerful true love is. From Prince William and Kate Middleton meeting in their college dorm to Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III meeting at a photo shoot, the love stories behind these iconic couples is inspiring to follow!

Glamorous Wedding Invitations

Jagdeep Sahans, Calligrapher

I got a little mention in this 17 Glamorous Wedding Invitations by

17 Incredibly Glamorous Wedding Invitations for 2017 Couples

Calligraphy will always glam up your wedding invitations and WOW your guests from the moment they receive your envelope.

If you would like to have your wedding invitations inscribed with the beautiful art of calligraphy.  I’d be happy to chat with you. Feel free to send me an email via my contact page or phone me on 087 9887017