Royal Love Stories and Weddings from around the World via invaluable

With Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, everyone is talking about royal weddings. This love for the royal family is nothing new though. For decades, if not centuries, the public has admired what royal weddings embody around the world, especially when it involves an unlikely couple getting together for their fairytale ending.

In fact, Meghan and Prince Harry’s relationship isn’t the only one people have followed for it’s unlikely match. This visual from Invaluable charts royal love stories from around the world. No matter their background or social standing, it goes to show just how powerful true love is. From Prince William and Kate Middleton meeting in their college dorm to Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III meeting at a photo shoot, the love stories behind these iconic couples is inspiring to follow!

It’s engagement season!

It’s engagement season, which means that there’s a lot of love in the air! It also means that it’s time to start thinking about engagement parties. Engagement celebrations are so much fun because they mark the start of a period of wedding planning and excitement. If you’re planning an upcoming engagement party, Shutterfly created this gorgeous guide full of engagement party decor ideas that will definitely inspire you, no matter what your personal wedding style is! The guide includes 24 gorgeous decoration ideas and eight unique party themes to keep in mind as you start planning your celebration. Now that we’ve got the decorations covered, it’s time to start thinking about invitations, food, and the venue for the special event. Grab your fiancé and start planning!

24 Engagement Party Decoration Ideas for Any Theme